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Learn exactly what a real estate professional must know about divorce listings.


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What are other agents saying about Laurel's coaching and training:


Everything a real estate professional needs to know about divorce.

Adelina Rotar says...

If being an awesome, full-service Realtor who can handle any challenging deal is important to you, if mastering fierce conversations in deals that have high contention is important to you, if growing your business this year is important to you, there's not another Realtor who has as much experience and credibility as Laurel to take you from 0 to 100 this year in the divorce niche market.

Why should I focus on divorce?


While most agents are happy to help anyone buy, sell, or invest in real estate, she's focused on serving just one niche with world-class service and expertise. In doing so, she has grown to become the nation’s leading expert on divorce real estate.

Laurel lives service first, less is more, and relationships matter.

She started by acquiring the knowledge and skills she needed to truly serve her niche. Then, as she gained traction, she made it the sole focus of her practice. And along the way, she’s built real, meaningful relationships with the attorneys and family law experts in her community.

Far more than simply being known, liked, and trusted, she has become the indispensable partner they rely on to help their clients navigate the legal, financial, and emotional realities of selling their home while getting divorced. Can you imagine what that must feel like? To know that your business is secure and totally in alignment with your desire to serve?

It’s rare air, for sure, and that’s why  Laurel has created a special certification for becoming a Divorce Real Estate Professional.


The Divorce Principles Video Course is perfect for the agent who occasionally finds themselves serving clients who are divorcing.

  • What obstacles will you encounter when working with divorcing homeowners?
  • What is the best way to help people reach agreements during the listing and sale process?
  • How is the process of selling a divorce home different than a regular sale?
  • What are the ins and outs of handling the sale of a home in a divorce?
  • What do you do in a divorce sale with negative equity?
  • What are the disclosure requirements when representing divorcing sellers?
  • As a listing agent in a divorce, do we represent both parties?
  • How is it decided whether or not house is sold in a divorce?
  • How does the divorce process affect the sale of the house?
  • Is there a system or checklist for selling a divorce listing?
  • What steps do you need to take, early on, in a divorce listing to prevent pitfalls during the transaction?

The Master Course, which is specifically designed for agents and brokers who wish to pursue divorce real estate as a business model.

  • How does an agent get chosen for a divorce sale?
  • What role does a Realtor play in a family law case?
  • How do I get past the gatekeeper?
  • What is the best way to build a Divorce Real Estate business?
  • As a Realtor, how can I bring my expertise to a family law case?
  • How do I pursue this niche without being an “ambulance chaser?”
  • How do I become a Court’s Expert?
  • How can I be the go-to resource for family law attorneys in my area?

Vija Williams says...

Realtors, this is what you’ve been waiting for. My friend Laurel Miller Starks, has dominated the divorce real estate niche in Southern California for a decade. She is FINALLY sharing her expertise with all of us!

Allison Norman says...

 Just signed up! Excited to learn more. Business because of Divorce has been consistently showing up in my business year after year. It’s a great niche that I haven’t taken advantage of ...until now.

Meet Laurel Starks

Laurel Starks, DREI founder, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate, Inman Influencer, and author of the best-selling book The House Matters in Divorce. 

"Twelve years ago, I discovered a fundamental disconnect between real estate and family law. I saw that divorcing homeowners paid a hefty price for this gap and I made it my quest to learn all I could about family law and real estate. 

I learned that the real estate community had grossly underserved this important need, and that families in divorce deserve to have a professional who can quarterback this legal, financial and emotional process with utmost ethics, expertise, skill, and compassion. 

This has been my passion and my life's work. I knew that one day I was meant to teach what I'd learned and that’s why I’ve founded the Divorce Real Estate Institute!"

The Divorce Real Estate Institute offers an unparalleled opportunity for real estate professionals to build their knowledge and serve their communities.
  • Twelve video training sessions with Divorce Real Estate Professional, Laurel Starks

  • Gain confidence in handling these sensitive transactions

  • Begin building your credibility and expertise

  • Learn to hold your divorce transactions together and stop losing deals

Regular Price $1,695

Limited Time $995



Divorce Real Estate Principles

Laurel's focus on the divorce real estate niche has led her to close more than $150 million dollars in transactions. 


Seats for the Master Course are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Christy Belt Grossman says...

 I couldn't be more tickled about this. Divorce is not easy. That's the understatement of the year. And Laurel Starks is the authority on this newly developing field. It's been eye-opening to see behind the scenes of her real estate business and how she practices what she teaches. If you are a Realtor with a passion to help others, you need to sign up.



Introducing the:
Divorce Real Estate

The Divorce Real Estate Institute officially launched on

January 31st, 2018. Take advantage of our special introductory pricing and get access to this amazing resource at a deep discount.

  • Twelve video training sessions with Divorce Real Estate Professional, Laurel Starks

  • Gain confidence in handling these sensitive transactions

  • Begin building your credibility and expertise

  • Learn to hold your divorce transactions together and stop losing deals



Divorce Real Estate Principles

  • Five-day live workshop conducted by aworld-class team of real estate, legal, psychology, and lending professionals

  • Become a Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional

  • Learn everything you need to build a successful Divorce Real Estate Practice


Divorce Real Estate


Beyond delivering education, expertise, and limited market exclusivity, DREI offers a community of like-minded professionals who are as dedicated to each other as they are to serving this badly neglected segment of the real estate market.

As a member of the community, you will be able to share your challenges and knowledge while also learning from a solid network of peers and mentors.


DREI Circle



or call (909) 460-0900

  • Five days with Divorce Real Estate Professional, Laurel Starks and her team of divorce experts

  • Understand exactly how to market yourself to family law professionals and grow your business quickly.

  • Start building your credibility in your market immediately.



Divorce Real Estate Principles

Regular Price $10,000

Limited Time $3,500

Includes the Video Course FREE!